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After being involved in a real life diver rescue, Jim wrote

"Robert, without your instruction and training I would not have reacted the way that I did.  What happened during the event was automatic, sort of autopilot and I can only think it was because of the seriousness and thoroughness that you, as my instructor, instilled in me as your student. I thank you for that."

Jim Babor
L.A. Philharmonic
Los Angeles, CA

"I was looking at your website today and love it. Clean, easy, very functional."

Elena Rodriguez
Scuba Instructor
Key Largo, FL

"Great class today Robert, you're the best!"

Marc Otto
Taluca Lake, CA

"Robert is a fantastic SCUBA instructor. I tried to get my son certified and it didn't work out with someone who was just not equipped for dealing with kids. For parents, that's critical; don't waste your time on a bad instructor. Robert has what it takes. He's knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely patient. He's always upbeat and encouraging, which gives a diver a sense of control in what can seem like a very foreign and hostile environment. He takes his time and breaks down those initial challenges so a diver feels completely comfortable and confident. It was a great way to get started in what has evolved into a wonderful pastime. I learned plenty from him too, even though I was already certified. Thanks, Robert, for being there for one of the proudest days of my life: when my son Sam became a certified SCUBA diver. When do we go again?!"

Jim Thornton
Host of KNX 1070 afternoons, and Announcer for "Wheel of Fortune"
Los Angeles, CA

"I had the great experience of getting my basic open water certification with Robert Arak. After wanting to do this for the past 20 years it was even better than I imagined. From the classroom work, to the pool skills, to my first ocean dives at Catalina, Robert was a great instructor. During classroom work he made sure I understood what we were covering, and that any questions I had were answered. I felt like I could ask him anything, no matter how stupid I thought it was, and not just get an answer, but an understanding of the answer. While in the water Robert always made sure I knew exactly what skills we were going to work on, and why we were working on them. I never felt pressured to do any skill that I wasn't completely comfortable and ready to do. After getting my certification Robert told me that I would be a rockstar when I went diving on my honeymoon, and I really did feel like a rockstar! Because of his knowledge and his true love and passion for diving, and teaching others to dive, I would never let any of my friends or family go to anybody but Robert Arak for instruction. Thanks again Robert, and I can't wait to do my next class!"

Kevin Renn
Valencia, CA

"Just wrapping up my first big dive trip with the HOG gear and its been awesome. More then 16 dives in less then two weeks. Everything from the regs to the backplate and wing have worked flawlessly. I'm very hard on my gear, especially on this trip, dragging my gear through the rocky shoreline of New England, but the stuff just works great. Big thanks to Robert for the gear and helping me get back in the water again!"

Tyler Purcell
Van Nuys, CA

I remember getting to talk to one of your students, sort of behind your back at a party in LA. He was talking about just getting certified and I started probing him with questions and even a few challenges. When the subject of kneeling came up, his eyes flared and his hands started wagging back and forth. "No, no! We're not allowed to ever kneel in the pool. We have to do everything off the bottom!" About this time Robert walks up to us and I said something along the lines of "Your student is telling stories on you." I have to say, while I've always appreciated Robert's participation here on ScubaBoard, my estimation of him increased quite a bit right there. I didn't get to dive with that student, but I know what I would seen if I had. Good job, and a great Scubatude!

Pete Murray

Robert is probably one of the best instructors I have met.  Whether working with new students or those with a good amount of experience under their weight belt, he adjusts his teaching style to fit.  He is always enthusiastic, full of great information and a very safe diver and instructor.  He will go out of his way to help his customers with gear concerns as well, and stocks a variety of quality dive gear.

Nicole C.
Simi Valley, CA

With his incredible patience, experience and passion for diving Robert makes a one of a kind instructor. He is very clear and concise of what's expected of you during his courses. It was so nice to have such an attentive instructor, he really helped me feel confident in the water. At first it seems a little unnatural but with Roberts assistance, being underwater became second nature. If diving is something you've considered trying then this is definitely the place to get your certification.

Krissy S.
Las Vegas, NV