Spare Air Alert "Copy-Cats"

Robert Arak in Scubatude Blog
on Feb 02, 2019 |

Sadly, out-of-gas (air) emergencies do happen underwater. As to the why they happen may very well be another blog post, or even a series of posts. We learn gas sharing and emergency procedures in Open Water classes, as well as more advanced courses. We practice these skills as part of our life as a scuba diver, yet emergencies still happen, and divers still get hurt, or worse.

According to a report by Divers Alert Network, although scuba diving fatalities are very rare, the most frequent cause of scuba fatalities is running out of, or low on gas (air). A 2015 report on scuba fatalities stated that 86% of those divers were alone (either solo diving or separated from their buddy).

Spare Air was invented over 40 years ago to help solve that problem. There is some controversy over the use of Spare Air, but if you are a diver who uses or who is looking to buy and use Spare Air, you should know about the Spare Air imposters. First, there is only one real Spare Air. It is made here in the USA, and is DOT and CE approved. The copies being sold online on sites like Ebay and Amazon are made overseas and do not have DOT or CE certification. This is important for several reasons. First and foremost, functionality cannot be guaranteed. Also, without DOT approval and markings, you can not get the tanks filled, VIP'd or Hydro tested. There is also no warranty service, customer service, or equipment service or parts available for the overseas knock-offs. Some of these Spare Air imposters even come with copied product labels and paperwork.

Spare Air Scuba PackageScuba diving is a very safe and enjoyable recreational activity, however the water is a very unforgiving playground. Always make sure your training and skills are up to date, your equipment is well made by certified manufacturers and serviced by factory trained and authorized technicians and service centers.

Scubatude is an authorized dealer and service center for the original, made in the USA, Spare Air.