Transporting Scuba Tanks By Car

Robert Arak in Scubatude Blog
on Sep 20, 2021 |

Transporting scuba tanks in your car can be dangerous. Here are some tips for safely transporting your tanks:

When transporting your tanks in your vehicle they should not be positioned upright, they should lay horizontally on their side with the valve facing the back. This will prevent the tank from falling over.

The dive tanks should be prevented from moving around in any direction. Restricting their movement could be achieved by blocking with other luggage or equipment. Dive weights can also be used as blocks to help prevent movement. This should be done in all directions: towards the sides to be prevent sliding or rolling, towards the back, and towards the front so they won’t become projectiles in the case of hard stop or an accident. 

The most sensitive part of the tank is the top valve, so take extra care to make sure they can’t be knocked into by anything hard when the car is moving. 

Heat will cause the breathing gas inside the tank to expand, increasing the pressure. It’s recommended that the tanks are in a compartment with open air circulation. Tanks should not be stored in a car during hot weather or any time there is a possibility of excessive temperatures where the tanks are stored.