• Full Face Mask Diver

Full Face Mask Diver

PADI Full Face Mask Diver Specialty 

Breathe easy!
You will be amazed at the comfort and ease of breathing that comes with learning to use a full face mask.

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Diving with a full face mask offers:

• Breathing comfort ... breathe from your nose or mouth

• Warmer diving in cold water

• Underwater communication capabilities

• Reduced exposure to pollutants

• Safety advantages

• It is fun !!


Because your entire face is enclosed in the full face mask, you can breathe from either your nose or mouth. Add a communications unit and you can communicate with your buddies while you dive!

Knowledge Development - Academics are done during one classroom session at Scubatude. 

During the classroom session, you will learn:


• Benefits of diving with a full face mask

• Components of a full face mask

• Diving with a full face mask

• Full face mask problems & solutions

• Caring for your full face mask

Confined Water Dives – You will practice basic full face mask skills in a heated swimming pool. In the pool you will practice everything from setting up your full face mask, to how to communicate underwater using wireless communication.

You’ll also practice some emergency skills, like sharing air or replacing your full face scuba mask underwater.

Open Water Dives – You will take everything you leared in the classroom and pool into the ocean to demonstrate mastery of the skills over two dives with an instructor.

Included - Includes tuition, classroom session, swimming pool fees, and PADI Certification fee. 

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  • You must be scuba certified
  • At least 16 years old
  • Be in good health

Not included is your course fee is any scuba gear. Any scuba gear you do not have, including a full face mask, may be rented at Scubatude.

You will also need to book the ferry across to Catalina for open water dives.

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