• TDI / HOG Regulator Service Course

TDI / HOG Regulator Service Course


This is a full 8-hour day program, and is designed for divers who own and will service their own HOG regulators. During the class you will be disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and troubleshooting your HOG 1st and 2nd stages.

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You will be required to bring to class:

  • A complete EDGE/HOG regulator set, including 1st stage, at least one 2nd stage, an SPG, and appropriate hoses.
  • Prior to the class you must read "Scuba Regulator Savvy" by Peter Wolfinger.

During your course you will be able to use our tools and facilities. You may bring your own tools if you prefer.

We have regulator tools and tool kits available for purchase.

EDGE / HOG Basic Regulator Service Tool Set 

EDGE / HOG Master Regulator Service Tool Set

3 reviews for TDI / HOG Regulator Service Course

  • Dustin Howie

    Oct 27, 2019

    This is an outstanding class to take for anyone interested in maintaining their own regulators or simply interested in how regulators work. Reading the book Regulator Savvy before class is essential to have a firm grasp of all the components you will be working with in class. I learned a great deal in this class and now feel confident to service and troubleshoot my own equipment. Robert is incredibly knowledgeable and made sure to answer all my questions in easily understandable terms. I would highly recommend this course to any hog regulator owners.

  • Vlad

    Mar 05, 2019

    Absolutely loved the class. I have learned how regulators work and had no problem rebuilding reg on my own after the class. Highly recommended even if you don't feel comfortable working on your regs even if just to learn how they work and troubleshoot on your own.

  • Ashley

    Oct 29, 2018

    Two years ago, I took a reg rebuild clinic with a different brand of scuba regulators. After seeing Robert's class, which was significantly more thourough, I realized how poorly taught the other course was and how much I did not know. Robert introduced me to the torque wrench to get exact settings on how to put the regulator back together. He provided great recommendations on tools to use for this work as well. This course was twice the length of my last one focusing on half the equipment. Because the course was not rushed, we were able to have hand on practice going through the parts of the regulator, disassembly, and reassembly of each part of the regulator system. He took us through testing the regulator after reassembly to ensure its correct function. This was a very thourough course and we will absolutely keep Robert in mind when looking at continuing education in Scuba!

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