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Scuba Diving Wetsuits

Wetsuits get their name because you still get wet while wearing one. Your body quickly heats the thin layer of water that gets in and you’re insulated from the cooler srrounding water by the wetsuit material. You choose your wetsuit style and thickness based on the water temperature where you’ll dive.

You must choose the right thickness and style for the waters you will be diving in. In order for your wetsuit to perform well and keep you warm, it must fit well. We highly recommend that you come in to our showroom and let our experts help you pick out the right wetsuit.

  • Aquaflex 6/5/3m..


  • Women's TherMAX..


  • Women's Aquafle..


  • Men's 7mm Aquaf..


  • Aquaflex Women'..


  • Aquaflex Men's ..


  • Men's TherMAXX ..


  • Tilos Women's F..