DEMP IQC Instructor Pack

DEMP IQC Instructor Pack


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This comprehensive package gives the instructor everything they need to teach the DEMP program. This is ideal for candidates that receive all their training materials digitally.


  • Deluxe Back Pack
  • DAN Instructor Binder
  • Pocket Mask, BVM, Non-Rebreather Mask
  • EpiPen Trainer and Auto Injector Trainer
  • C-A-T Tourniquet Trainer
  • Bulb Syringe
  • Slates included: EO2, HMLI, BLS:CPR&FA, Neuro
  • 6 DAN Luggage tags
  • 1 Gold DAN Insignia Pin
  • Training manuals and guides downloadable from Instructor eLearning portal

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