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Part Number:NR-1500 Manufacturer: Kraken Sports

The NR-1500 is the replacement for the NR-1200. We’ve started using the new 21700 style battery which gives us higher lumen output, and longer burn time. The packaged battery is 5000mAh vs 3400 with the 1200. That’s a lot more juice! Still having the exact same feature set as the 1200 this is the ideal compact dive light. Simple push button to turn onoff and cycle through brightness levels. Built in bottle opener on the rear of the light make getting to those refreshments after the dive day a breeze! Included carry case lets you pack the light, battery, and charging cable all in a small kit to fit easily in your dive bag. Battery level indicator built in to button shows if you have a full charge quickly before you get in the water. The new 21700 battery is now using USB C technology so no more upside down cables, just plug directly in to charge!

  • Bright! 1500 lumens
  • Compact light weight
  • Simple push button onoff with battery level indicator
  • Battery, Lanyard, Carry Case, and spare orings included
  • USB C Charging


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