Scubatude Heavy Duty Scuba (milk) Crate

Scubatude Heavy Duty Scuba (milk) Crate

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Get your stuff together!

Divers all over the world use plastic crates to hold, organize, wash, dry, and store scuba gear. We all love the sturdy, stackable funtion of plastic milk crates. Unfortunately, these milk crates usually are "found" behind a grocery store, and belong to a food or dairy distributor. Taking a milk crate for personal use may seem like a petty offence but the law takes it extremely seriously. The exact penalty varies from state to state but in general the discovery of stolen milk crates leads to a fine between $200 and $1000. In some cases, there could even be a short jail sentence too! Now you don't have to take that risk while using the new Scubatude Scuba Crate!

At 18" x 12" x 10.5", this stackable crate is big enough to hold all of your gear, yet small enough to slide under the seat of most dive boats.

The perfect way to transport and organize your dive gear!


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