Si Tech Quick Cuff: Silicone Standard


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Quick Cuff turns your drysuit into a modular platform able of carrying a variety of different seals as well as the possibility of changing a torn or broken seal in minutes without tools or glue. It is also fully compatible with the Glove Lock QCP and the Quick Glove system.


A seal of either latex or silicone is simply clamped in between the Wrist Ring and the Stiff Ring, from this minute you have a sealed drysuit and can now move on to attachment of a Dry Glove System such as the Glove Lock QCP or Quick Glove.

Note that the Wrist Ring has to be glued onto the suit. Quick Cuff can be factory fitted or installed the next time your wrist seals needs replacement.

The Quick Cuff set includes: Wrist Seal (Silicone or Latex), Wrist Ring and Stiff Ring.

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