SCUBATUDE is proud to be 100% AWARE!


Scubatude is proud to partner with Project AWARE, and we have made a commitment to the environment by pledging to be 100% AWARE.

 This means that we make a donation to the Project AWARE Foundation for Ocean Protection on behalf of every diver we certify!

It also means all our student divers will receive a Project AWARE limited edition card when they complete a PADI course with us.


AWARE Mission

Project AWARE connects the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation


AWARE Vision

A Return to a Clean, Healthy ocean


AWARE Conservation Blueprint

There are two critical focus areas for Project AWARE: Community and Policy. When both are working together, we are driving towards our mission and vision. 


Partnering with Project AWARE, we are working towards a return to clean, healthy oceans and marine life. We conduct Dive Against Debris dives locally to effect change and make an impact globablly.

You can help!

Don't just count you dives, Make Your Dives Count!

Become a Project AWARE Specialist and a citizen-scientist

with the Project AWARE Dive-Against Debris Specialty.