We conduct technical diver training for open circuit and closed circuit rebreathers via multiple training agencies and platforms.


We also provide non-diving courses for the scuba equipment technician.


PADI TecRec Diver Training NAUI Technical Diver Training TDI Technical Diving International

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Tec Basics

Tec 40

Tec 45

Tec 50

Rebreather Diver

Advanced Rebreather Diver

Tec 40 CCR

Intro to Tech

Technical Decompression



Nitrox Gas Blender & Oxygen Service*

Mixed Gas Blender & Oxygen Service*

Basic Nitrox

HOG Regulator*

Oxygen Cylinder Service*

Oxygen Equipment Service*

Visual Inspection Procedures*

Air Fill Station Operator*

Nitrox Gas Blender*

* Non-diving "technician" certification